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Regional Management Fellowship Program

With a growing need to attract top level talent to local government, the Next Gen Committee has developed a Regional Management Fellowship Program that offers top Graduates from our local universities the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and initiatives within local government agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties for up to three years!

The Regional Management Fellowship Program offers participating agencies the ability to:

  • Attract talented graduate level candidates to the organization and establish talent pipelines that will help the agency’s workforce succession efforts for years to come
  • Identify and develop the next generation of local government leaders
  • Form long-lasting partnerships with local universities, which are a valuable resource for recruiting new talent to the organization
  • Offer organizations with the flexibility needed when a new project or initiative arises that requires talented individuals with certain areas of expertise
  • Compete with the private sector, as it offers individuals the opportunity to gain valuable and meaningful work experience without making a long-term commitment

In addition, the benefits for participants include:

  • Unique opportunity of individuals to make an immediate impact
  • First-hand view into local government work
  • Mentoring from passionate and innovative government leaders
  • Experience in critical areas that develop report writing, research, presentation, and analytical skills
  • Potential for a career with local government agency
  • Support from peer to peer coaching and cohort environment




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