Programs for professionals interested in further developing their career in Local Government

  • Cal-ICMA Coaching Program Webinars


    There is no charge to register and all persons interested in local government are welcome. Each webinar requires its own registration. Click on a webinar below to register. We encourage you to register even if you are unable to attend the live session. You will receive an automatic notice when the digital recording is available.

    Past 2016 Coaching Webinars
    • Thriving as a High Performance Organization (broadcast March 10) is available in the Archives 
    • Building Civic Leadership and Community (broadcast April 13) is available in the Archives 
    • Ethics in Action (broadcast May 19) is available in the Archives

    Missed a webinar?  Watch it full screen 24/7.  High quality, full screen video recordings are available for these and other webinars. Click here for the Agendas & Archives.  The Agendas include a PDF of the presentation materials which you can download or print with your browser controls.  The videos are now in mp4 format, and you can click on full screen for personal or group viewing and discussion.


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    a) Serving broad audiences: Each webinar offers value for up and comers, mid-managers, and senior managers.

    b) Welcoming your suggestions for outstanding presenters: We invite your suggestions for presenters. Typically, each webinar includes engaging presentations from three leaders in the field sharing a diversity of perspectives, best practices, and concrete resources.

    c) Supporting individual and organizational success: We encourage organizations to form groups to attend the webinars (live or recorded). The agenda for each webinar includes suggested post-webinar discussion questions.

    d) Providing detailed Agendas for each webinar (including specific topics and presenters): These are available two weeks in advance of each webinar. You’ll find them at the Agendas & Archives page.

    e) Registering in advance for each webinar: Each webinar requires its own advance registration. Notices with agenda information and registration details become available two weeks in advance of each webinar. The easiest way to receive notices automatically is through the complimentary email list. Sign up here.


    The webinars are open to all persons interested in local government. We’re grateful for the  ICMA State Association Coaching Partners who aid in identifying the topics and presenters. We encourage more state associations to become partners.


    Questions or suggestions? Please Contact Don Maruska, MBA, JD, Master Certified Coach, Director of the ICMA Coaching Program, [email protected].

  • Leadership Academies

    Santa Clara County:
    April-Oct; applications due in February 15, 2013.
    San Mateo County:
    August-November; applications due in July.

    The Leadership Academy of Santa Clara County is focused on helping mid-level professionals advance in their organizations. Focusing on “soft skills,” the Academy is held once per month for seven months and costs $850 per participant. For more information, go to

    The Public Sector Leadership Academy of San Mateo County provides eight half-day sessions addressing a variety of leadership and management topics. The per-participant cost for each session is $25 for training consortium members and $50 if an employee’s agency is not a member. For more information, go to and click on the “County-Wide Programs” tab.

  • Management Talent Exchange Program (MTEP)

    High-potential employees are placed in another local government agency for three months. The exchange creates new skills, experiences and relationships.

    Agencies can place employees with other local governments and/or receive MTEP employees for the three months. In addition to supercharging the careers of participants, MTEP helps local governments expand their organizational capacity and effectiveness with fewer employees.

     For more information, go to

  • Mid-Career Managers Institute– A new ICMA Professional Development program

    ICMA-University is launching a new “Mid-Career Manager’s Institute”, which is designed for ICMA members who are either:

    • credentialed and want to engage in a focused course of study and connection with others who are mid career
    • not yet credentialed or have management experience in fields other than local government AND want to build strong ties with the profession and strengthen management skills with the goal of becoming credentialed managers

    Click Here for a brief outline of the program.  Please note, that attendance at the 2012 Regional Summits is not mandatory.  Persons interested in the program who have missed or cannot attend their Regional Summit, may set up 1:1 meetings with Felicia Logan, ICMA Director of Leadership Development and Executive Coach.  MCM has a flexible timeline so those not attending this year may attend the 2013 Regional Summit.

    The program provides for focused personal professional development of each participant, while allowing them the opportunity to connect with other mid career managers and ICMA Leadership at the ICMA Annual Conference and in their regions. Each participant will also work with a Credentialed Manager Mentor throughout the program.

    Questions on the program should be sent to Felicia Littky, Program Manager, Membership & Professional Development at [email protected] or via phone at 202-962-3656.

    Please forward this information onto members in your state so they can join the inaugural MCMI group!

    Please note that the $1500 tuition for the first year includes registration for a regional summit, ICMA Leadership Institute at Annual Conference, Annual Conference early bid registration, e-learning opportunities, executive coaching and professional mentoring.

  • Regional Management Fellowship Program

    Sponsored by the City/County Managers Associations of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, the Two-County Next Gen Committee is has created a pilot Regional Management Fellowship Program that offers top talent from local universities the opportunity to work on meaningful projects within local government agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

    The Regional Management Fellowship Program offers participating agencies the ability to:

    • Attract talented graduate level candidates to the organization and establish talent pipelines that will help the agency’s workforce succession efforts for years to come
    • Identify and develop the next generation of local government leaders
    • Form long-lasting partnerships with local universities, which are a valuable resource for recruiting new talent to the organization
    • Offer organizations with the flexibility needed when a new project or initiative arises that requires talented individuals with certain areas of expertise
    • Compete with the private sector, as it offers individuals the opportunity to gain valuable and meaningful work experience without making a long-term commitment

    In addition, the benefits for participants include:

    • Unique opportunity of individuals to make an immediate impact
    • First-hand view into local government work
    • Mentoring from passionate and innovative government leaders
    • Experience in critical areas that develop report writing, research, presentation, and analytical skills
    • Potential for a career with local government agency
    • Support from peer to peer coaching and cohort environment





  • Speed Coaching and Networking Lunch

    Happens every 2 years. The next Speed Coaching will be held in Fall 2012. Similar to speed dating, speed coaching rotates emerging leaders through six rounds of 10-minute coaching sessions with different senior managers from local governments in the two counties. This easy, energetic and fun coaching and networking event engages over 100 participants and costs $25 per participant.

  • Tomorrow’s City-County Manager’s Forum

    This all-day workshop helps prepare future City/County Managers by promoting succession planning in the participating agencies. The Forum alternates its focus between future chief executives one year, and then future department heads on alternate years. The program includes presentations, panel discussions and informal networking with current city/county managers and executive recruiters. The cost of the session is $100, which covers all program and food/beverage costs.

    This year’s forum is targeted for aspiring City/County Managers and will be held on Thursday, December 15, 2016, at Community Hall, 10350 Torre Ave., Cupertino, CA. The event runs from 8:30 am-5:00 pm and is followed by wine and cheese reception. Sponsored by The City/County Managers Associations of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

  • Tomorrow’s Department Head Forum

    This all-day workshop helps prepare future City/County Managers and Department Directors and promotes succession planning in the participating agencies. One year the Forum focuses on future chief executives; on alternative years, the workshop engages future department heads. The program includes presentations, panel discussions and informal networking with senior managers and executive recruiters. The cost of the session is $100, which covers all instruction, materials, and food and beverage.

    This year’s forum is targeted for aspiring Department Heads and will be held on Thursday, November 5, 2015, at the Quinlan Community Center, 10185 N. Stelling Road, Cupertino, CA. The event runs from 8:30-5:00 pm and is followed by wine & cheese reception. Sponsored by The City/County Managers Associations of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.