Today’s Talent, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Next Gen is a commission of local government agencies composed of City Managers, Assistant City Managers, Human Resources Directors, emerging leaders, local government professional organizations (Cal-ICMA and MMANC), and university career center staff from San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

The Two-County committee is sponsored by the City/County Managers Associations of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. The committee organizes and offers a variety of programs every year to enhance knowledge about local government agencies, career opportunities, and skill advancement. The Next Gen Committee has developed these specific programs and resources to address the “retirement wave” of managers and professionals who are exiting local government in the region.

Some of these programs and opportunities include the Regional Internship and Management Fellowship program, coaching, membership access to local government organizations (Cal-ICMA and MMANC), and much more! Next Gen is here to help. the committee has the resources and connections to help local government professionals and agencies become more collaborative and and efficient.