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For the past seven years, local government agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties have participated on a “Two-County Next Generation Committee”. Sponsored by the City/County Managers Associations of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, the Committee is chartered to identify programs to address the “retirement wave” of baby-boomer managers and professionals who are exiting local government in the region.

The Committee is composed of City Managers, Assistant City Managers, Human Resources Directors and staff, emerging leaders, representatives of workforce investment boards, and university career center staff.  Frank Benest, former City Manager of Palo Alto, California, and currently ICMA Senior Advisor, chairs the Committee for Next Generation Initiatives.  Members of the Municipal Management Association of Northern California (MMANC) also serve on the Committee.

Meeting on a quarterly basis, the committee works to identify needs, initiate and implement programs and evaluate the collective effort. Programs include the following efforts to attract, grown and retain talent:

Programs Offered Each Year

Programs Offered Once Every Two Years

New Announcements

2015 Cal-ICMA Webinar Schedule

As the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program enters its 12th year, we are excited about the expanding services to support the profession. The following webinar topics were the highest rated in a poll of leaders across the ICMA State Association Coaching Partners and sponsoring professional associations. We recruit top presenters from across the country. Thanks to sponsors, there is no charge for participation. We hope you'll join us in 2015...more

Cal-ICMA Launches Enhanced "Coaches Gallery"

As part of the 2014 Coaching Program, Cal-ICMA has upgraded its "Coaches Gallery."  The Gallery now includes eighty (80) City and County Managers, Assistant or Deputy Managers, Department Heads, and other senior managers who are ready and able to coach emerging leaders in local government and accelerate their development....more

Two-County Next Generation Committee featured on Center for State and Local Government Excellence website

Visit the SLGE website to read their case study of the Next Gen Silicon Valley committee, titled San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, CA: Addressing Tomorrow’s Talent Crisis Today.

2014 City Manager Groups Host Future Department Heads Forum

This all-day workshop helps prepare future City/County Managers and Department Directors and promotes succession planning in the participating agencies. One year the Forum focuses on future chief executives; on alternative years, the workshop engages future department heads. The program includes presentations, panel discussions and informal networking with senior managers and executive recruiters. The cost is $100 per participant and covers all instruction, materials and three meals.

This year’s forum is targeted for aspiring Department Heads and will be held on Thursday, May 15, 2014...more

Regional Internship Program

Held every year (in summer); Positions are posted by Feb/March. 100 + paid or unpaid internships for university students are offered by local government agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. The positions are posted on the online job board Interested university students must only post their applications once to be considered for any number of the internships. Hiring managers in the various agencies then interview and select the interns from the posted applications...more

2013 Internship Summit

Come and network with the Silicon Valley academic & industry leaders and learn about Internships, policies & procedures, and best practices. It is for private and public employers interested in internships, educators and internship practitioners. $25 Admission (lunch included). View the Flyer (PDF)

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2013 from 10am-2pm at De Anza College, Conference Room A & B, 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA

2014 Cal-ICMA Coaching Program

As the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program enters its 10th year, we are excited about the expanding services to support the profession.  In 2012, over 3,000 attendees participated in the webinars, with more than 4,000 attendees in the program overall. We hope you'll join us in 2013...more

2014 Santa Clara County Leadership Academy

Seventeen local governments in Santa Clara County have formed a cooperative to offer a Leadership Academy for emerging leaders. The Leadership Academy consists of seven sessions (one session per month on the 4th Thursday of each month) to be held in the City of Cupertino.

2013 TOMORROW’S City/County Department Heads
- - - A Conversation and Networking Event

The Forum is targeted for mid-career managers who are on the cusp of becoming Department Heads in local government agencies.  The event will feature panels of City Managers and current Department Directors as well as HR professionals and an Executive Recruiter...more

City Manager Associations Launch Regional Internship Program for Summer 2013

The City Manager Associations of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties announce the availability of summer internships in local government agencies in the two counties.  The internships are available for university students at the undergraduate and graduate levels and will be posted beginning Feb 1, 2013, on the CalOpps job board.  The purpose of the Regional Internship Program is to attract university students to local government careers...more

Mid-Career Managers Institute --
A new ICMA Professional Development program

ICMA-University is launching a new “Mid-Career Manager’s Institute”, which is designed for ICMA members who are either:

  • credentialed and want to engage in a focused course of study and connection with others who are mid career
  • not yet credentialed or have management experience in fields other than local government AND want to build strong ties with the profession and strengthen management skills with the goal of becoming credentialed managers....more

ICMA University Executive Leadership and Professional Development Events

ICMA UNIVERSITY is committed to providing the professional development support you need in your local government career. The ICMA University curriculum includes programs and resources offered by ICMA, universities, institutes of government, state and regional associations, national organizations, and other providers of training for local government managers and staff. Whatever your experience level—whether you’re fresh out of graduate school or a seasoned manager—ICMA University offers a range of career development options. For more information see the ICMA University 2013 Executive Leadership and Professional Development Events (PDF).