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Opportunities for Students

Internship Coordinator/Public Employee On-Site Visits

School VisitsInternship coordinators and/or local government employees who specialize in a specific field of interest can visit your school to speak with your students about opportunities in local government. Please contact a Regional Internship Coordinator to make an inquiry.

Careers in Local Government Management

A career in local government is an excellent option for those who have a passion for public service. Public service is often about what you give rather than what you receive, and putting the collective good before the needs of individuals. Public service is about leadership, possibility, innovation, empowerment, and relationships. More...

Regional Internship Program

Held every year (in summer); Positions are posted by Feb/March. 100 + paid or unpaid internships for university students are offered by local government agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. The positions are posted on the online job board Interested university students must only post their applications once to be considered for any number of the internships. Hiring managers in the various agencies then interview and select the interns from the posted applications. Three learning forums for the interns are also provided during the summer. For more information, contact Cash Alaee at

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Summer Internships

The City Manager Associations of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties announce the availability of summer internships in local government agencies in the two counties.  The internships are available for university students at the undergraduate and graduate levels and will be posted beginning Feb, on the CalOpps job board.  The purpose of the Regional Internship Program is to attract university students to local government careers.

The summer internships are non-paid, paid or provide a stipend for work in all kinds of disciplines, including:

  • Finance
  • Public Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Public Works
  • Engineering
  • Community Services
  • Library Sciences
  • Law
  • Utilities
  • Urban Planning

University students can post their resumes one time on the CalOpps job board at and apply for one or up to 100 internship positions.

During the summer, interns will be assigned a mentor associated with their internship assignment and be able to participate in three learning forums.

Not all agencies publish internship opportunities on Please visit the websites of local government agencies to look for additional internship opportunities.

San Mateo County

Santa Clara County

Meeting with University Career Centers

Held every year. The Two-County Next Generation Committee meets once per year with university career center staff to educate them about local government careers and discuss opportunities such as the Regional Internship Program, the Manager in Residence Program and Job Shadow Day, as well as local government representation at university job fairs.

Job Shadow Day for University Students

Held once every year in Oct/Nov. To attract young people to local government careers, this one-day program matches interested university students with managers in local government. Sponsored by the Municipal Management Association of Northern California (MMANC), Job Shadow Day is offered free of charge to participating agencies and students.

Job Shadow Day Toolkit for High School Students


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